Nix’s coaching sessions were like Red Bull for the soul: I came away with a huge injection of energy that made taking positive, practical action pretty much effortless.

My sessions with Nix are the ultimate form of self-care. Since early 2017, she has provided a valuable space for self-reflection in my life that didn’t exist before and thanks to her I am able to approach all aspects of my life - career, relationships, parenting - with newfound energy, grace, and confidence. ~ Liz

Nix has been a total breath of fresh air in my life. Her coaching has helped me more than I ever would have expected. She's such a caring and motivating coach and I didn't hold back on telling her anything because she's just so easy to talk to. I really needed someone to motivate me into living a healthier and happier life and Nix has done just that. I am so glad I made the decision to contact her for coaching sessions as she has definitely bettered my life. I'm feeling healthier, much happier and I've let go of the negative feelings I used to have and have learned to love myself a lot more. I can't thank you enough, Nix! ~ Fender

There was a certain stigma attached for me to work with a coach. From the first conversation on, I never looked back at this concept again, all thanks to Nix's understanding, non-judgmental, patient, knowledgeable and experienced style. She has a way to bring into the focus things that really matter or bother, and leaves me with tips to help get me to the next level. Each conversation with Nix leaves me with a new set of positivity, hope and energy. ~ Dipti

Nix Stephens was instrumental in our family having a happy home. She not only gave ideas for improving our lives but did it in a way that made it easier and not more difficult! Our families lives are much much simplified and happy after working with Nix!!! ~ Nikki

In her coaching sessions Nix reflected when I needed reflection, she challenged me to look at my deepest core beliefs in the most positive possible way and she pushed me when I was ready to be pushed to the next level. She just has this extraordinary way of elevating me and seeing my greatest potential in the times when I could not see it all for myself. Nix’s holistic approach is absolutely brilliant in my eyes, since all aspects of ourselves (body, mind and soul) make us who we are. Working with her for more than a year now was one of the best decisions and investments in myself and my future career and life that I have ever made. I can absolutely recommend her to anybody who is on the search for a Coach. Nix, thanks a thousand times for your work and guidance. ~ Nadja

Nix, my life has improved markedly due to your influence on me and I find myself very grateful. I am so very glad that I am moving forward with my business and the fact that I can see that path better is in great part due to your efforts. Thank you for everything! ~ Alan

I came to Nix in a long season of what felt like endless looping. I was always trying to get “better,” to grow my fledgling business and get my life together - but would end up getting stuck in paralyzing self-criticism and depression, exhausting myself every time. Since working with her, I have found myself with a lot more space than I had before, and a sense of life beyond this loop. Her gifted listening and practical insights have helped me grow so much. I feel profoundly more free and even on hard days, at peace with myself. ~ Lesley