the 5 day cleanse

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I do not believe in diets, i believe in learning how to listen to your body

It’s easier said than done for most of us, I know. But honestly…learning how to listen to what YOUR body needs is one of the greatest gifts you could ever give yourself. I run a 5 day cleanse via Facebook at the turn of each season (4 times a year). This began when I started telling my coaching clients about my own cleansing process and they wanted to join me. I see the cleansing process as one of exploration - every single time I do it.

what the cleanse entails:

For 5 days you will join me in a closed Facebook Group. We will prepare for the cleansing period together and I will walk you and the group through the process step by step. It is not complicated, but it can be challenging to commit to it without support. Basically you will be encouraged to eat a diet rich in vegetables and fruit (seasonal) and drink water, teas, smoothies and soups. We will also discuss supplements and there will be space for you to express your challenges, victories and ask any questions you might have along the way if you choose to do so.

what you can expect from the cleanse:

Past participants have experienced weight loss, better sleep, greater energy and above all, a better understanding of what their body actually needs and prefers when it comes to nutrition. My goal is to assist you in cleansing your body for 5 days so that you can experience how incredible you feel when your physical body is nourished only with clean, organic, seasonal whole foods.

how do I sign up?

Simply contact Nix by clicking on the button below and list “Cleanse” as your subject. I will be in touch with the next steps. See you there!