The cleanse

I offer a 5 day cleanse at the turn of each new season. It’s a great opportunity to give your body a chance to rest, purify and rejuvenate every 3-4 months. We follow a simple and easy to follow program for 5 days within which you will receive the detoxification guidelines for preparation, informative handouts, recipes, inspiration and a healthy dose of love and support!

*The cleanse includes detoxing the mind as well as the body and as such you can expect tips and tools to assist with reducing anxiety and clearing the mind.

who should join the 5 day cleanse?

This detox program is very simple and would suit anyone who wants to detox, reset and recharge. It would especially suit those who have a busy schedule and do not enjoy feeling hungry! I am not one for self-deprivation, so I have created a cleanse that allows for constant grazing and slurping on delicious soups and smoothies.

what are the benefits?

Friends and coaching clients who have experienced this cleanse have reported:

  • significantly elevated energy levels

  • weight loss

  • better sleep

  • reduced anxiety

  • greater mental clarity

how do I sign up?

Click the button below and you will be directed to the payment area. The total fee for the 5 day cleanse is €25 and I call this your “commitment fee”. Changing your diet and your habits for 5 days can be challenging in moments. The group and I will support you through the challenges but you are much more likely to stick with the program and experience the full benefits if you pay something for the information and the experience.

what will i receive?

Within 24 hours of payment you will receive your invitation to the private 5 Day Cleanse Facebook group along with the Cleanse Preparation Guide. This guide outlines the basic guidelines for the cleanse (you can expect to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables that are in season). You will receive daily informative handouts to encourage and enhance your detoxification experience. All handouts have been created by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and will include information regarding metabolism types, organic food, the highs and lows of caffeine, inflammation, portion sizes, eating with the seasons, mindful eating and much more.

next cleanse dates:


March 25 - 29

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