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“Working with Nix for more than a year now was one of the best decisions and investments in myself and my future career and life that I have ever made. I can absolutely recommend her to anybody who is on the search for a Coach. Nix, thanks a thousand times for your work and guidance.” Nadja

“My sessions with Nix always result in an ‘upliftment’ and a general sense of wellbeing which helps me to focus and move onwards and upwards in a more positive way. I have renewed passion now and feel like I am creating true momentum and achieving in the right areas of my life.” Lorri

“Since working with Nix I feel profoundly more free and even on hard days, at peace with myself.” Lesley


Hi there and a warm welcome to my site. I’m Nix and I am an intuitive coach. I believe that we all have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. Each layer of our being deserves time and space for understanding and reflection. Often when aspects of our lives feel overwhelming or out of control, it is because one or more aspects of ourselves is not being given the time and space it needs and deserves. This affects our overall sense of well-being.


Intuitive coaching is right for you if:

  • You are curious about coaching or have experienced coaching before

  • Are experiencing some level of “stuckness” or mental looping

  • Are open to meditation and/or observing your thoughts

  • Have explored self-help/ spirituality to some degree or are curious about it

Coaching is a self-directed process in that it is my job as your coach to ask you the right questions. You decide what we focus on in our sessions and I support you by offering practical tools for positive and lasting change.

Taking the time to focus on yourself and clarify what you most want from your life could never be time wasted. 

In our coaching sessions we will address your challenges by combining my background in psychology and coaching with an intuitive understanding of the more subtle influences. Blending a traditional coaching practice with our natural empathic and intuitive abilities, we will discover deeply personalised solutions to your unique situation and map out the necessary steps to realign yourself with your highest truth and potential.

I look forward to connecting with you! Click here to book a session.

With love,


Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.
— Anais Nin