The Highest Version of Yourself


In my Vlog today I discussed an exercise that I do with my clients. I call it "Envisioning the Highest Version of Yourself". The process has been broken down into three simple steps and the desired outcome is a clearer idea of who it is that you most want to become and what your life would look like as her. Click here for the Vlog.

Step One: Choose a name. Call this extraordinarily fantastic version of yourself something. Pick a name that makes you feel grounded, strong and excited. 

Step Two: Identify the three main aspects or areas of your life that you would like to focus and work on first. Do you want to make some real changes in your social life, finances, physical appearance, relationships? Identify your top three priorities and write them down. Then for each aspect list 5 things about "her" that you aspire to. 

For example if you want to be more active and take better care of your body:

Aspect One - Physical Exercise

1."Your Highest Version's name" does yoga three times a week and feels strong and toned

2. "Your Highest Version's name" goes for long walks in nature twice a week so she can disconnect from mobile technology and give herself some space

And so on as you list 5 things that "she" does, is, has and feels. 

Try to really crystalize her in your mind and describe her in detail as you go through this step.

Step Three:

Allow for the possibility that you can become her. Allow for the possibility that you deserve to be her and that if you slowly shift your focus to becoming her - you can and will. It takes focus and small manageable steps to get from A (where you are) to Z (where you want to be). That's all. 

If you get stuck at any stage of this exercise, please feel free to contact me as I'd love to support you. If you don't get stuck and have a positive experience with this exercise please drop me a line about that too! I'd love to hear from you. 

Enjoy the process of designing your life.

Love, Nix.