Your Unique Expression

I heard something the other day on one of my favourite You Tube channels. The person said something like; you do not have to worry about making an impact in the world. Simply by being here, you make an impact. Your enthusiastic creative expressions are how you EXPRESS that impact. 

I loved this so much because what they were saying is that simply by living and breathing, we already make an impact on the world. That's already done so us overachievers can just all relax! And from there we can realize that our unique creative endeavors simply express that impact and that makes it fun to do rather than essential.

I liked the idea that we make an impact on the world simply by being here so much because it helped me relax. It gave me a BREAK from the pressure I put on myself to always be the best and brightest version of myself that I can be. It also encouraged me to think about what the unique expressions of my own impact might be. Intuitively I feel that we are all here to do OUR WORK and that that requires doing what we love. A lot of people however are not 100% sure about what they would love to do and thus do not know what their unique expressions might be. And once they have identified what they might want to be doing more of...they don't know where or how to actually start doing it. This is where I want to help.

A really good place to start when trying to work out how to give a voice to your Unique Expression is to start with what turns you on and excites you. Here are a few great questions to ask yourself. (I have included my own answers in brackets for your interest.)

1. When I was a child, what did I want to be when I grew up? Why?

(A mermaid. Because I wanted to swim in the ocean and play with dolphins and whales all day. I'd have long mermaid hair and sing like a Siren.)

2. Who was my role model in High School? Why?

(Tori Amos and Ani Di Franco. Because they were/are both women who took on their industry in their own ways and expressed their unique genius fearlessly.)

3. Who do I believe to be (or have been) the greatest leader on the planet? Why?

(Nelson Mandela. Because after his time in jail he only ever chose the paths of love, compassion and understanding. I strive to do the same and I need to express that in order to feel fulfilled.)

4. What can you imagine regretting most that you did not do once on your deathbed? Why?

(This is a reasonably long list for me! The good news is that I know I am working on most of it day by day now.)

When you were a child you had a much better sense of your potential and very little notion of limitation and "lack beliefs". Listen to the 6 year old you, he/she knew stuff about your deepest YOU that you might have forgotten a little. 

In High School most of us looked outward to others for guidance and direction (and then rebelled against it if it didn't fit). The role models we stuck with at that time in our lives gave us a sense of who we truly wanted to be and we were moved by them because we recognised aspects of ourselves within them. The way they live their lives and express themselves uniquely can tell us about ourselves and the qualities we wish to express.

I suggest working out who you feel is the world's great leader for similar reasons to the above. The people we respect and admire most tell us about ourselves and what we wish to be expressing in order to feel fulfilled and in alignment with our greatest selves. 

I don't particularly enjoy thinking about what I would regret never having done, but it is an effective tool. I found that I was able to name the things I would regret never having done VERY quickly. Try it...

Answering these four questions should give you a clearer idea of what excites you and what you might need to be doing in order to feel like you are expressing your unique talents in the world. Living your life, your way, to the full. Some people might strive to live out their days from one calm moment to the next, others might need wild excitement. Each of these ways of living is perfectly reasonable provided YOU feel fulfilled and enthusiastic about what fills your days. 

It's YOUR life, only you get to decide how to spend it. You really are completely free to do whatever it is that excites you. Doing what you love does not necessarily require huge dramatic changes. There are hundreds of beautiful ways to integrate what excites you into your life right now. If you did the exercise above and feel stuck in any way, write to me and I will help you to identify ways to express yourself uniquely on a day to day basis. I look forward to hearing from you!

Love, Nix.