Limitless Beliefs.

At the moment I am working though a book called The Conquer Kit which is a manual of sorts complied by Natalie MacNeil for female entrepreneurs. Very much at the start of the manual she asks us to name our "dragons". Dragons are the name she gives to our limiting beliefs and it is her intention for us to first name them, and then to slay them. The idea behind it all is that our thoughts and words have great power and that in the process of identifying them, observing them and accessing their truth, we might be able to transmute them into something else more positive and expansive. It has been a surprisingly simple process for me. Identifying my core limited beliefs took minutes. She gives us a page for the five top ones and I had no issue scribbling them down quickly. This made it very clear to me that the core beliefs I have are always at the forefront of my mind influencing my actions and decisions. 

The next step in the process is "seeing through it" all. Here we are asked to write down each limiting belief and ask ourselves how the belief is affecting our lives and how that makes us feel. Through simply doing this I saw that the beliefs were not doing me any favours and that it would certainly be more helpful to choose new ones. Most importantly, through the process of writing them down and assessing their impact - I was able to see that I no longer believed in them completely anyway. This then allowed me to transform the limited beliefs into limitless beliefs.

After that we are asked to write down the limited belief and follow each with a limitless belief which then becomes a new affirmation. Natalie suggests that we write the limitless beliefs on sticky notes paste them in prominent places. She says this, "But before you get out the sticky notes, I want to say one important thing about creating affirmations: You have to actually believe them. If you don't quite believe the statements you're writing, change them to something you do feel aligned with."

For example, if you don't believe that it is possible for you to change your career and be a success doing what you love, create an affirmation which states: "I am open to the possibility that I can be successful and do work that I love." Just being open to the possibility is a powerful place to start. My Wellness Coaching mantra is "Small, manageable changes" and I feel it applies nicely here. Lasting change takes time, and that is just fine. Start with what feels truthful and that in itself will lay the foundation for great changes. 

The best way to integrate these ideas would be to try it for yourself. Here are the questions to ask yourself:

1. What dragons are you currently battling? (Or, "what do I believe is holding me back from the changes I wish to make?)

2. How does this belief affect my life?

3. And then what happens because I believe this?

4. And how does that make me feel?

This illustrates how a limited belief can have the power to hold you back. 

Now take the limited belief and write a limitless belief that you align with below it.

For example:

Limited Belief: I am never going to be able to lose the weight that I want to. No diet or programme ever works for me. I have been carrying it for years and I should just give up now. 

Limitless Belief: It is completely possible that the right way for me to move and nourish my body exists and that I will find it. 

Natalie also suggests meditating to get into the flow before doing this exercise and I completely agree. Clearing the mind and calming down before undertaking this activity can only help with the process. I found it very interesting as well to sit with the feeling that each limited belief brought up for me, and then to sit with the feeling that the limitless belief brought up. I found that the limited beliefs caused a tightness and hardening in my solar plexus area and made me feel down in general. But then when I said the limitless beliefs out loud I felt an expansive lightening and a new and resolved sense of strength come through. The power of our words and the stories we tell ourselves is enormous. How wonderful to discover that we also have the power to change those beliefs and change our lives for the better as a result. 

My wish for you is that your newly discovered limitless beliefs might carry you forward into lives bigger and brighter than you previously thought possible. If you would like to write to me and tell me about your experiences with limited and limiting beliefs, I would love to hear from you!

Love, Nix.