Self-care v/s Self-doubt

I read something fabulous the other day and it lead to one of those "oh riiiiiiiight..." moments for me. It was in a blog update by the lovely Tanya Markul. She basically wrote that self-care needs to fill in the gap that self-doubt has created in our selves over the years. This is the idea that our thoughts of self-doubt have led to a sort of "debt" within our innermost beings and that self-care can make us whole again. I love that. I love the idea that by taking care of ourselves and doing what we love most, we can begin to nourish the best of ourselves as well as heal the past hurts. 

This led me to think about the concept of non-negotiables and what they are to me. Non-negotiables are the self-care actions that we need to undertake daily in order to feel like the best and highest possible version of ourselves that we can. They are different for everyone, but it's a great idea to identify what they are and make a sacred promise to yourself to commit to them above all else. Non-negotiables are different to Good Habits. Good Habits are things like oil pulling and taking your daily supplements. Non-negotiables are those things that leave you feeling whole, balanced and maybe even a little ecstatic throughout the day. 

My Daily Non-Negotiables:

10-15 mins meditation to beautiful music

Inspirational vision/ quote card drawn from one of my decks (Miracles Now)

An hour walking/ running/ doing yoga in nature

My green smoothie (recipe below)

At least 2 litres of water

Mugs of peppermint tea 

There are other things that I love to add to my day, but this list is essential. If any of these is removed for three days or more, I feel it. It's like my centre is off balance and my personal light starts to dim. 

Have a think about it and list 3-5 of your own Non-negotiables. If it feels right, make a pact with yourself to commit to this essential daily list for a week and see how you feel at the end of it. Let me know how it goes, I'd love to hear from you!

Love, Nix

Green Smoothie Recipe:

one frozen banana (no skin)

two big handfuls of spinach or kale

small handful of berries

scoop of chia seeds

scoop of crushed flax seeds

scoop of sesame seeds

scoop of green powder or hemp powder

Add a cup or two of water (until all ingredients are covered)

Blend until smooth

Enjoy! X