Change and Changeability

Some time ago I realised that change doesn't come easy to most of us. Sometimes with good reason, usually not.

I grew up moving all over the world so change comes more easily to me than to many others. Even so, children and life seem to have us crave the safety of whatever it is that we know best, even if whatever it is might be self-harming. Often we prefer to keep things as they are, rather than break out and risk "rocking the boat."

I am a sucker for great quotes and this is one of my absolute favourites: 

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” - Anaïs Nin 

And that happened to me...albeit a long time after I read that quote for the first time! This is what has led me to believe that the way we are doing something has to become so bad, so unmanageable and so CLEARLY wrong for us before we are able/ready/willing to break the hell out of the cage and make a real change. The funny thing though is that the "blossoming" doesn't take place overnight. There are a ton of stories out there of people who have undergone major turning points in their lives, since when everything that came before was drastically different for them. But I mean for you and me and the gal on the street...I think that the real change takes time. I think that real change is a gentle road and it requires a gentle approach.

Quick fix diets and instant cures have left so many of us feeling like failures. We think that because we weren't able to commit to a lifetime of absolutely no carbs or 5 gym sessions per week that we are somehow to blame. It's not true. Those diets (or any diet) and cures are to blame, we should just give ourselves a break and do what makes us feel fantastic instead.

The true change in my own life came when I let go of many of the "shoulds and should nots". It wasn't easy though. A lot of the beliefs we have about what we eat and who we are to others are so deeply ingrained in us. The secret for me lay in identifying what I really could not continue to do any longer. I worked that out and took it from there. Change did not come overnight for me, but I did feel differently after simply having made the decision. I felt instantly empowered to take the reigns and make small, manageable changes. I started with drinking more water, eating less meat (because I actually didn't want it anyway) and working out which types of exercise I LOVED to do. I very slowly made food fun and inspiring and I made my workouts my sanctuary. It is different for everyone, but that's where I started where weight loss was concerned. I wonder where it will start for you? Perhaps it already has. Perhaps you are already taking the first steps towards real change in your life and designing your days into a series of moments that excite you and bring you joy. Perhaps you have already begun to blossom.